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Using Testcontainers on Rancher Desktop

Rancher Desktop can be used with Testcontainers to execute ephemeral tests and containers that work inside Docker. This guide demonstrates the use of Testcontainers with a sample repository.


Testcontainers can only be used with the moby (dockerd) runtime as it requires a Docker-API compatible container runtime. Kubernetes must be disabled for machines on Apple Silicon. The setting can be disabled via the Preferences > Kubernetes dialog, or by using the rdctl command below:

rdctl set --kubernetes-enabled=false

Please also ensure that Apache Maven is installed on your machine in order to make use of the mvn verify command.

You can download a sample test repository in the testcontainers-java-repro located here:

After the repository is downloaded, please navigate to the testcontainers-java-repro folder and run the command mvn verify.

mvn verify

After the command has been run, you should see a BUILD SUCCESS with test statistics for failures, number of tests ran, skipped tests, time elapsed, and errors.