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Version: 1.8

Container Engine


Set the container runtime for Rancher Desktop. Users have the option of containerd which provides namespaces for containers and the use of nerdctl or dockerd (moby) which enables the Docker API and the use of the Docker CLI. Only one container runtime will function at a time.

Container Engine

When switching to a different container runtime: Workloads and images that have been built or pulled using the current container runtime are not available on the container runtime being switched to.

Allowed Images

The Allowed Images tab lets you control which registry artifacts you can access within Rancher Desktop. For example, you may want to pull container images only from your organization's private registry or only from your department-specific namespace in your organization's registry, etc. You can specify image name patterns to allow accessing images only from specific registries and/or repositories.

Allowed image patterns

Check the Enable checkbox to enable Rancher Desktop to apply the specified patterns while pulling or pushing images, which means only images whose names match at least one of the specified patterns will be allowed.

You can use the + and - buttons to add/remove image name patterns.

How to specify Allowed Image patterns

You can specify Allowed Image patterns using the format [registry/][:port/][organization/]repository[:tag].

If not specified in an Allowed Image pattern,

  • registry defaults to Docker Hub (
  • port defaults to 443.
  • organization for Docker Hub defaults to library, and does not apply to other registries.
  • tag defaults to anything and not just to latest.

Note: Filtering by tag does not actually work; the corresponding digests (repository@digest) will have to be added to the allow list as well, making this impractical. Please file a Github issue if you have a use-case that requires filtering based on tags!


busyboxAllow the busybox repository in the library organization of the registry.
suse/Allow any image in the suse organization of the registry.
Note: A trailing slash at the end of the repository means a single segment follows, e.g. suse/nginx, but not suse/cap/uaa.
suse//Allow any image in the suse organization of the registry.
Note: A trailing double slash at the end of the repository means one or more segments follow, e.g. suse/cap/uaa.
registry.internal:5000Allow any image from the registry.internal:5000 registry. the image nginx from the registry.
Note: Non-DockerHub registries do not have the concept of organizations at the top level, so no default library organization is implied.